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The Naval History of Manitoba

Manitoban Heroes

Many of the Manitobans who have seen wartime Naval Service have received special Honours and Awards through courage and meritorious service.

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Winnipeg has had a Naval Division for the last 75 years, and has had a naval presence for even much longer. There is an unexplained reason why the people of the Canadian Prairies have generated such an interest in the navy. During WWII, a large number of prairie men and women joined the navy. They flocked to recruiting divisions in cities like Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary. During the war, recruiting in Winnipeg was the greatest of anyplace inland, and was only surpassed by recruiting on the east and west coast.

This is the story of the navy in Winnipeg. It is filled with stories, personalities, news clippings and photos. It is set up as a chronological history, so you can start at the first page and surf all the way to the end. And, like anything else on this page, it is continuously growing. As we further develop our history we will put the story on this page.


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