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Canadian Naval History Pages
  • RCNVR.com
    Site contains all the citations to the RCN and to Canadians in the RN (from the 1800s through the Boer War, WWI, 1935, WWII, post-war and Korea). It is the only complete set of citations and includes biographic information on each person plus some photo.
  • Cornwallis Military Museum
    Cornwallis and it's History. All about Cornwallis Nova Scotia, Canada
  • ReadyAyeReady.com - Canadian Navy - History and Current Events
    Canadian navy resource. Information on history, ship photos and articles about the navy. JackSpeak; a growing dictionary of Canadian Naval terminalogy. Naval customs and traditions.
  • HMCS HAIDA Naval Museum
    Everything you ever wanted to know about HMCS HAIDA, which is now a National Historic Site on the waterfront in Toronto, Ontario, but is moving to Hamilton.
  • Canadian Tribal Association
    Excellent information page about the Canadian Tribal Class Destroyers. Page includes info about both the old and modern Tribals.
  • The Naval Museum of Alberta
    An excellent site showcasing the Naval Museum of Alberta located in Calgary. Good stories and photos, many featuring aspects of naval aviation.
  • Canadian Navy Yesterday and Today
    An excellent privately maintained site. If you are looking for information about Canada's navy, old or new, this should definitely be a stop on your journey.
  • Mac's Navy Links
    A site which contains many photos of current Canadian, and other, warships. Site is very current and worth a look.
  • Canadian War Museum
    All about the National War Museum in Ottawa.
  • Canadian War Museum- World War 2 Newspaper Archives of Canada
    The Canadian War Museum's newspaper archives database contains more than 144 000 newspaper articles from World War 2.
  • Seasoned Sailors: Video Recollections
    A site with a collection of videos for sale.
  • Marine Museum of the Great Lakes
    All about the Maritime Museum located in Kingston, Ontario. If you are thinking of visiting Kingston, visit this site first; It tells you everything about the museum you may need to know before hand.
  • CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum
    Located at CFB Esquimalt, Naden. This museum web site will lead you to online resources and information about the museum and its services.
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
    All about the Maritime Museum located in Halifax, NS. Good pictures of some of their exhibits. An excellent museum to visit if you are ever in Halifax.
  • U-Boat Net
    U-Boat Net is a very complete historical site done from the point of view of the WWII U-Boats. This site includes very accurate and complete details of the fates of all U-Boats. It is worth a look.
  • HMCS SACKVILLE: Canada's Naval Memorial Home Page
    The HMCS SACKVILLE memorial in Halifax, NS. This page contains information about Canada's last remaining corvette.
  • A WWII RCN Photo Gallery - H.M.C.S. PRINCE ROBERT
    Bill Hillman, through his father's photo collection, has given us a detailed photo-journal of the life and times aboard the PRINCE ROBERT. This is an excellent site, with an abundance of information and photos.
Canadian Merchant Navy History
  • Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100
    In September 1940, Convoy HX72, traveling from Nova Scotia, Canada to the UK, was attacked by U-boats. Eleven ships were sunk, including the steamer Canonesa. Here is the story.

The Canadian Navy

Canadian Naval Units
    The website of the Canadian Patrol Frigate WINNIPEG, which was commissioned in 1995.

Canadian Naval Aviation

  • Fleet Air Arm Archive
    Comprehensive naval aviation history site about aircraft, squadrons and ships of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth. Includes unique information about Royal Navy aviation in UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, as well as worldwide preserved ships/aircraft, museums, associations, memorial lists for UK, Canada and Australia and research archives.
Canadian Submarine Pages

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