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29th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla
The Crew of H.M.C.M.T.B. 461 - May 1944
Crew of MTB 461
H.M.C.M.T.B. 461, May 1944. (PA 176740)

Front row (left to right): Sig. Andy Clealand, RCNVR, of Toronto; O/S George MacDonald, RCNVR, of Verdun, Que.; A/B Sea. Torpedoman Gerald Thompson, RCNVR, of Toronto; Tel Beverley Bahledo, RCNVR, of Montreal; O/S Don Elliott, RCNVR, of Moose Jaw, Sask.

Second row: C.P.O. M.M. Robert McGee, RCNVR, of New Glasgow, N.S.; Stoker (M) George Abram, RCNVR, of Toronto; O/S Edwin McAuley, RCNVR, of Toronto; O/S A.A.3. Burt Sears, RCNR, of Shelburne, N.S.; O/S Sea.Torpedoman Garnet Workman, RCNVR, of Kemptville, Ontario.

On the Bridge: The Commanding Officer, Lieut. C.A. Burk, D.S.C., RCNVR, of Toronto; third officer, S/Lieut. Ian Robertson, RCNVR, of Winnipeg; first Lieutenant, Lieut. Keith Scobie, RCNVR, of Ottawa; coxswain, L/S Albert Stubbins, of Hamifton and Port Colborne, Ontario; unknown sailor; A/B A.A.3. Lawrence Jodain, M.I.D., RCNVR, of Edmonton; O/S Francis McLeod, RCNR, of St. John, N.B (with hand on hip).


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