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65th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla
The Crew of H.M.C.M.T.B. 736
Crew of MTB 736
Crew of H.M.C.M.T.B. 736 (Photo and names provided by Herb Gibbings)

Back Row: (left to right): Black (MM), Venoit (STOKER), Walters (STOKER), Brown (STOKER), A/B Gibbings

Centre Row: (left to right): Smith (AA3), Phibbs (LMM), Mulligan (AA2), O/S Delin, L/S Crozier, Goodburn (MM), Robison (AA3), Gourdeau (MM), Prest (RADAR), Greene (AA3), A/B Parsons, Baine (RADAR), A/B Deguire, Turpin (Coxswain), A/B Dorset, vale (STOKER), Brown (TEL)

Front Row: (left to right): Hooper H. (AA3), Olynick (SIG), Monaghan (AA3), L/S Dudley, 1st Lieutenant Byers, Commanding Officer Lieutenant Moors, Navigator Lieutenant McGregor, Smith (CMM), Rossiter (POMM), Kelly (TEL)


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