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65th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla
The Crew of H.M.C.M.T.B. 797
Crew of MTB 797 Crew of H.M.C.M.T.B. 797 - Photo and Names Submitted by Roy Petty

Back Row: (left to right): Smith, Roy Petty, Reid Munnerley, Anderson
Second Last Row: (left to right): Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Bill Taylor, McAuley, Bill Fredrickson (Squatting)
Third Last Row: (left to right): Unknown, Unknown, Jim Snowball, Belanger, Dave Milner, George, Bob Tilford, Jess Sutherland (Standing)
Third Row: (left to right): John Kelsey, "Rocky", Al Beaston, Gillies, Unknown, Cliff Orr, "Frenchie" Laviolette (Bending lower to the level of the rest)
Second Row: (left to right): Unknown (Standing), Stan Medd (Sitting), Lt. Beamish, Bob Campbell, Lt. Jake McLellan
Front Row: (left to right): Bill Pitt, "Flash" Anslow, "Pop" Swatton


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